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BMR Calculator

A BMR calculator will calculate your basal metabolic rate which indicates how many calories your body burns per day for doing nothing but keeping you alive.

BMR calculator.

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Your BMR is kcal per day.

If you already know your BMR than this BMR calculator will come in very handy for you. Assuming you should make your body less calories available when he ultimately consumed. So it's just a matter of energy balance. But how much energy is actually needed? A clue for you with our calorie calculator. This allows you to calculate your BMR and your energy needs.

The principle around which everything revolves in weight loss, is the so-called energy balance. If you eat more than you consume, increases it. This refers to the physician as a "positive energy balance". The calorie surplus sits stubbornly on the stomach, legs and buttocks. In the reverse case causes a negative energy balance - so if one takes less energy than is consumed - a loss of body weight.

The main objective is therefore lose weight to achieve a negative energy balance. Therefore you have to know what amount of calories consumed each day. This value depends, among other factors, on the age, from sex and from everyday activities. As before the body mass index you need not to bother here with complicated formulas, but just use our calorie calculator.

Here you can calculate your total energy expenditure and their basal metabolic rate approximately. The basal metabolic rate is the amount of energy your body needs per day at complete rest and fasting in order to maintain all of its features.
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