How many calories to gain weight

Calorie Intake to Gain Weight

People who are unhappy with their current weight and need to gain several pounds can do this once they have calculated how many calories they need to maintain their weight. From there, it is easy to determine the number of calories to eat so that they actually gain weight. There are two ways to do this, namely determine it themselves or use an online calculator.

Calculate your Harris – Benedict equation

Therefore, they must first determine their BMR, followed by their Harris – Benedict equation. The BMR (or basal metabolic rate) shows you how much energy your body requires in the complete absence of physical activity, while the Harris – Benedict equation adds to that your current level of physical exercise (or lack thereof).

Basically, you will need to eat more calories than you are able to burn (the number of daily burnt calories is the result of the equation above), but do this in a controlled, healthy way. Thus, if you are able to, make sure to increase your workout routine gradually, as you consume more calories; the aim is to at least maintain your lean body mass, if not to increase it, which will also cause your BMR to increase.

Generally, you will need to eat an additional 500 calories each day; since one pound of body weight equals 3500 calories, multiplying the extra 500 calories a day by 7 days a week shows you can gain one pound per week. However, this is only a rough estimate; you can get a more accurate, personalised result with the BMR and the Harris – Benedict equation.

Moreover, if you alter your diet and/ or level of physical activity, be sure to re-calculate your Harris – Benedict formula often. This leaves the guesswork out, and shows you rather precisely whether you are doing the right thing or should be eating more to achieve your weight goals. However, since people are different, what works for one person may not work for the other, so you may need to experiment a little to find out what works best for you.

Using an Online calculator

There are online calculators that can determine for you how many calories you should eat each day. All you have to do is enter your sex, age, height, current weight, and your activity factor from sedentary to extremely active. Note that results may vary because some calculators use the Harris – Benedict formula, while others employ the Mifflin-St. Jeor equation.

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